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About us

About us

Taiyuan Rosetta Stone Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It focuses on the research, development and production of products in the biomedical field. There are cell culture consumables, Western Blot precast gel series, Virus Preservation Medium and Sampling tube Kit , General consumables and IVD consumables and other products.

The company processes and manufactures the molds used in the production of consumables. It has high-hardness steel processing and high-gloss mirror polishing technology. It is equipped with precision engraving machines, CNC machining centers and other equipment to grasp product quality and manufacturing costs from the source, and provide customers with better quality product and service.
The company works with automation engineers to continuously improve the production process, increase the level of automation, and ensure product stability and cost control.
After the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, the company also provides Personel Protective Masks with CE certification.
        太原市罗塞塔石生物技术有限公司成立于2011年,注册资本1000万元,专注生物医学领域产品的研发和生产,现有细胞培养耗材、Western Blot预制胶系列,病毒保存液及采样管套装、通用耗材和IVD耗材等系列产品。