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About us

Rosetta Stone Biotech Co.(RSBM) is trying to be the killer of expensive science. It focuses on cost control in cell culture products and Western Blot ready gels.

After foundation in May 2011, the first cell culture product line was established in 2012. The company completed the series of cell culture products during 2013, as the number of moulds reached 40 sets. And it was qualified ISO Quality Control System Certification on production since October 2014.

According to the customer's needs, precast gels for western blot of protein analysis were under development for 2 years. After solving many problems, the beautifully performed gels were launched on market in 2016. Thus, the company entered into the development of biochemical products. The company has invested a lot of resources in development of new products. A new medium production line was developed in 2017.

RSBM has a team composed of professional mold engineers, which makes customerization on lab wares available. Feel free to inquire custom-made business details.

RSBM also provide OEM service on a quite fair price.